Cutout Perspex protection screen

€54.45 - €66.50
• Transparent, safe perspex screens
• 100% recyclable plastic
• €5,- per screen will be donated to the Red Cross
• Upload your own design

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€54.45 - €66.50


Do you want to protect yourself, your staff and your customers against the Corona virus? This is possible by placing perspex screens! If you buy the screens at Uncover, you will also contribute to a cleaner and safer world. The screens are produced in the Netherlands and are made from 100% recyclable plastic. To support the care staff during this time, €5,- will be donated to the Red Cross for every sold plate.

This cutout edition of the cough screens, comes with two perspex support pieces to place it on. The screen consists of 4 mm fully transparent plexiglass. Because the screen has a slot, you can slide change or other products underneath it.

Do you want to order a different size or do you have other wishes? Let us know! We also offer other plexiglass plates. For more information, please contact our sales manager Maarten at

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