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The Midori Traverler's Notebook is the Japanese brother of Moleskine. This quality notebook is ideal to use as travel journal. The paper is made of the best quality, your pen will glide over the paper while you write down your best travel stories.

Midori Travelers notebook is made from tanned cow leather using vegetable tannin. It is hard to process a leather tanned by vegetable tannin for it shows the wrinkles and scratch marks easily. However, it is environment friendly, and has an authentic attractiveness where it beautifully changes over time.

Designed by you, engraved in our Lab.

Available in two sizes: Passport (9,5x13,5cm) and Large (12x22cm)

We advise to create your design with the help of our templates. If you have no experience with .ai or .eps-files, please submit your design as a high resolution PDF. 

24 hours! We always try our best to design, engrave and ship the product within a day. On busy days it might happen that your order is finished after 17.00, which means your package will be shipped a day later. In a hurry? Start a chat conversation to ask for the possibilities!
Sometimes! .jpg, .png and .pdf might be possible, as long as the quality is good enough. Unsure about your file format? Start a chat and let us know!
Absolutely! At the end of the order form you'll be asked to choose between shipment or pickup.
It might work out, but not with every photo. We advise to inform before ordering.

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