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  • Midori traveler's notebook
  • High quality paper
  • Own design can be engraved
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€52.40 - €57.40


Midori Traveler's Notebook is a big Japanese stationer and its high quality paper is perfect for writing with a fountain pen as it does not ‘bleed’. Your pen will just dance away on its paper, supporting your continuous stream of thoughts.

Your Midori can always be easily refilled with all different kind of paper. It can also help you organise, with plastic inserts or zipper files.

Created by you, engraved in our Lab.

Your next Midori comes in two different sizes: Passport (9,5x13,5cm) and Large (12x22cm)

24 hours! We always try our best to design, engrave and ship the product within a day. On busy days it might happen that your order is finished after 17.00, which means your package will be shipped a day later. In a hurry? Start a chat conversation to ask for the possibilities!
Sometimes! .jpg, .png and .pdf might be possible, as long as the quality is good enough. Unsure about your file format? Start a chat and let us know!
Absolutely! At the end of the order form you'll be asked to choose between shipment or pickup.
It might work out, but not with every photo. We advise to inform before ordering.

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