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Looking for unique gifts?
Take a look at our engraved cutting boards!

Engrave your own cutting board

Chopping board, tapas board or cutting board. Whatever you call it, it boils down to the same thing: a practical board that is too special to hide away in the cupboard. We at Uncoverlab sell handmade wooden cutting boards that you can engrave in our Lab. After we’re through engraving your cutting board, you’ll want to use it to serve your food on.

Brood+Plank Cutting Boards

Brood+Plank cutting boards are handmade in Friesland (a.k.a. Freezeland: the most northern and coldest province of the Netherlands). The oak chopping boards are oiled with grape seed oil to give them their distinctive dark color.

The cutting boards are true all-rounders. You can slice bread, cut meat or use it as the ideal tapas board for cheese, olives or delicious Spanish jamón Ibérico. This chopping board is too special to hide away in the cupboard, especially after you get it engraved. Every piece of wood is handpicked based on color and knots so they’re all one of a kind.

Brood+Plank cutting boards

Mare 35


Yfke 40


Yfke 60


Yfke 80


Mare 55


Rens 80


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Happenplank Cutting Boards

This board is a handmade, robust hardwood cutting board that can be used as tapas board, cheese board or pizzaboard. One of the major advantages of hardwood cutting boards, is that the wood is fully scratch resistant. All boards are unique and a perfect gift for every foodie or hobby chef.

Happenplank cutting boards are made of multiple pieces of wood to make sure they won’t bend with time. Some chopping boards are made of a single piece of wood, which makes them vulnerable for any bending that might occur. The cutting boards include a leather cord, so you can display them on a wall.

Happenplank cutting boards



Tapasplank L


Tapasplank XL






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Plankie Cutting Boards

PLANKIE is the newest member our chopping board family, designed by us at Uncover Lab. We wanted to pay tribute to our Amsterdam heritage, so our first Plankies (Dutch for boardies) were made in the shape of traditional canal houses. Because they’re designed by us and produced by our friend Neef Lucas, we can easily introduce new designs or create custom cutting boards.

The oak wood used to make the cutting board is light in color, to make the custom engraving stand out. The chopping boards are cut and sanded in a small workshop right here in Amsterdam by Neef Lucas.

PLANKIE cutting boards













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Cutting board maintenance

Take care of your cutting board

When you buy a wooden chopping board, you buy product of nature. And we all know nature can’t be tamed. Even though the cutting boards are made of the best quality wood, you need to take care of them to prevent rips or bending. We recommend to clean the boards with a damp cloth and avoid soaking the board with water. After cleaning, it is best to dry it with a towel and keep it in a straight position on the wall or in a cupboard. If you love our cutting boards as much as we do, be sure to oil the board from time to time with grape seed oil.

So, are you looking for a unique gift for a birthday or anniversary? See our engraved cutting boards. Choose a cutting board out of our collection, choose a design or design your own and engrave. It is as easy as that! Do you have your own crazy ideas? No problem. We love to experiment, tell us your idea and together we can see what is possible.


Questions about cutting boards?

Visit our Frequently asked questions or contact us

Can you explain your concept in 140 characters?

We're a tattoo shop for objects. Visit our (web)shop to personalize your (future) belongings just the way you want it with our #lasercutter.

If i have my own design, which format would be best to supply?

The best format for us to work with is a vector file made in Illustrator (.ai or .eps). If you have text in your design, make sure to expand it. We can also work with pixel based files, however this takes more time to convert into a vector file and there is a chance that quality is lost. No experience with vector files? No worries, here's a little manual to help you become the most powerful Illustrator Wizard of all times.

On which materials is it possible to engrave?

A lot! From experience we know that the following materials work great: leather, perspex, alluminium, wood, cardboard, bamboopaper, glass, plastic, sillicon, chocolat and slate. Hard materials like gold, copper and stainless steel are not possible. Also materials that are really reflective do not work (for example a mirror).

What is the average handling time of my order?

The handling time for an online order is between one and two days plus shipping time. When the product is sent, you’ll receive an email with the tracking number.

Is it possible to engrave on any product?

Being able to engrave a product it has to meet three requirements. First the surface has to be flat. Secondly the product has to fit in our laser engraver. Thirdly the material should be engravable (for engravable materials see question above).

What are the risks of bringing my own objects?

The word "Lab" in our store name already reveals what we do most of the time: experimenting. While we always aim for the best result, we're not always certain how your object reacts with our lasers. Luckily we have a skilled team equipped with lots of experience to inform you beforehand if there are any possible risks involved with your engraving. Please note that if you're taking a risk, we are not responsible for the outcome (unless we do something awfully stupid).

Can I start my own Uncover Lab?

Why not! We’d love to discuss franchising possibilities. Get in touch via hello@uncoverlab.com!

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