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First we need to know where you want your design to be lasered on. We have Moleskines, wooden cutting boards, phone chargers and cases, but you're free to bring your own belongings to our physical store as well. Have a look at our FAQ to learn which materials are suitable for our laser cutter.

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After you've chosen your product, it's time to pick your design. We've got an awesome collection of artwork by local artists waiting to be engraved. Want your own design engraved? No problem, just submit your file via our webshop or when you're visiting our physical store.

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The minute you push the final button in our webshop, multiple bells will ring at Uncover HQ. Your order will be lasered and either wrapped for shipping or wait for you to come and pick it up in store.

Design tool

We have a brand new design tool that allows you to create your own design with just a few simple clicks. Although the tool is quite intuitive we would like to walk you through the several features.

On the left side of the tool you will see all the things you can add to your design. You can add a pre-made design, insert text and upload your own design or picture. 


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add designs to engrave


Adding designs to engrave

Our designs are divided into different categories, click on the dropdown menu on the top to view these categories. Looking for a romantic design? Take a look at the 'Wedding' and 'Love' categories. Can't find what you are looking for? Type your search query in our search engine and see if the perfect design will pop up. 


If you think that combining multiple designs is too much hassle? We made some templates where you only have to type your own text and you're done. When you've added a template you can edit the designs by selecting the template and ungrouping the designs. 


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Adding text to your design

Inserting text to your design is as easy as ABC. Choose your preferred font, type your text and add it to the design. Once added you can scale, rotate and move it as you like.

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 Upload your own image

Adding your own design or picture can be done by clicking 'Upload Image' on the left side. In the next screen you can upload a file. Almost any file format is accepted. The uploaded image will be automatically converted to a black & white image, because engraving doesn't work with colours. Not satisfied with the result or does the image look different than you expected? Let us know via the chat on the right bottom of the screen.

You can see two white vertical columns on the left and right side of the product. The right column can be used to fine-tune your design. You can nudge the design using those buttons. De buttons in the left column enable you to center align your design elements. 

Satisfied with your creation? Order the product including engraving by clicking 'Buy' on the upper right corner. 


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