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World's First Tattoo Shop for Objects  

Uncover Lab is an adventure launched by Uncover; the company that created the world’s most beautiful way to customize your MacBook. Having experienced the excitement and potential surrounding personalized products, we decided to launch our physical store Uncover Lab in the centre of Amsterdam in July 2013. After being a popup store for months, we’re now officialy here to stay.

At Uncover Lab we take personalizing to a whole new level, by creating all sorts of custom objects with the help of our laser cutter. Just like a tattoo shop, you’re free to bring in your own design, or create something together with our Creative Operators. The same goes for the object: either bring it with you or pick something at the spot.

By strengthening the bond between people and the objects they use, we attempt to create a more durable and beautiful world.

Co-founder Victor
Victor - Co-founder

Victor is the mad mind behind Uncover Lab. He is of the rare breed that initiates and creates constantly. With his upbeat energy 'breathing life into objects' comes naturally. Victor founded Uncover and developed the process to customise MacBooks with backlight art. He's also co-founded a totally different company which deals in mystery.

Co-founder Pim
Pim - Co-founder

Pim is the Dutch kind of tall and strong. With his architecture degree he is responsible for the design of the store. You could say, Pim is our fundament.

Store & Marketing manager Siem
Siem - Chief

Siem is Uncover's all-seeing eye. He leads the team at Uncover Lab, arranges our PR and always makes sure that everything goes as planned. He also likes karaoke, going to the cinema and have drinks with colleagues. 

Hannah Kay - B2B Manager

Hannah Kay head of our b2b department. Crafting new designs for company’s, as well as finding ways to make creative company sollutions with our laser machines. She also creates fantastic graphic artworks.

Lindsey - Team Manager

Lindsey is a crazy, shoe loving, hair styling creative manager. She makes sure everything in store goes as smooth as possible. She is not one to be told to draw between the lines. Check out the work of her collective Lindsey Vittali and you'll see what we mean.

Creative Operator Sammy
Sammy - Social Media Manager

Sammy is the sweetest team member you can imagine. 'No' is not a word in her vocabulary and she often saves the day. One of Sammy's specialities is lettering, a skill that comes in quite handy while decorating walls, floors, doors, ceilings and whatever comes her way.

Didi - Creative Operator

Didi is the newest team member at Uncover. She loves to draw pretty girls, almost in like a fairy style. She has a nerdy background in game design working on the coolest characters. Also she is a pretty girl herself. Never a day without her lipstick on!

Jorine - Creative Operator

Jorine is our most fun and crazy co worker. Besides working with her own two 3D Printers she is also a dancer and model. This girl is just the perfect example of beauty and the brains. Btw she is also a big fan of beauty and the beast. Actually she loves everything with Disney, she even has her own beauty and the beast mug “chip”.

Ren - Creative Operator

Ren is our all American sweetheart from the state of Carolina. In between of all the girls in the team, he shines like a star with all his oldskool tattoos. He draws the coolest tattoo style designs but also has a weakness for figure drawing and brocolli.

Lizz - Intern

Lizz is our first official intern and we just love her. This girl is creativity itself. She draws the most bad ass tattoo designs. Now she is working on how to create and engrave digital artwork with her new best friend the bamboo tablet.

Nick Spapens Marketing Expert
Nick - Marketing Guru

Nick is our marketing genius. He makes sure this beautiful site is found in search engines and our amazing products are available for the world to see. Have you seen one of our beautiful instagram ads? He shares his marketing knowledge on his marketing blog.


We are always looking for new talent!

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