Last week a father came to our store with his son. His son proudly showed us his drawing: if we could engrave it on a notebook for mom. Of course! After scanning and preparing the drawing, the engraving was done in no time. As a surprise, we made a wooden postcard for him with his design. For example, Mommy has a beautiful gift and he can show his design to everyone.

Every day we receive questions from customers about the possibilities of laser engraving. The possibilities are almost endless, but one material works slightly better than the other. We work here with three different laser machines, which makes it possible to engrave and cut all kinds of materials. Think of wood, (fake) leather, stone and cardboard, but also stainless steel, aluminum and plastics are possible.

You can choose a product in our store, but you can also bring your own product! It can't be crazy enough. We have already engraved guitars, shuffleboards, smartphones, headphones, bicycle saddles, potatoes, toys, sneakers, jeans and laptops. As long as the product fits in the machine, we want to personalize it for you.

Every week we come across new products, which we really like to test with the laser machines. Meanwhile, all our laptop chargers and AirPod cases are equipped with our names and other crazy images so nobody will ever accidentally 'steal' it anymore. So feel free to bring your own items, but if you want to choose something in our store, we have plenty of choice. All these products are tested extensively, so we can almost always predict what the engraving will look like. In the shop we have:

  • Wooden cutting and cocktail boards
  • Notebooks
  • Purses
  • Keychains
  • Kitchen items
  • AirPods (Pro)
  • Headphones
  • Powerbanks

So you want to give a super personal gift to upcoming housewarming, which is also useful? Give a personalized cutting board as surprise!

There is only one way to find out if a product can be laser engraved, by doing it :). So do you have a crazy, fantastic, wild or just very good idea? Contact us or visit us in Amsterdam and walk out the same day with a unique gift.

See you soon!